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an affiliate of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology

Tampa's First Trauma Education Center


Innovative Hands on Approach


Tampa Trauma Education Center Opens October 20


“We need this in Florida!” That was heard repeatedly last year after Dr Benjamin Keyes’ address to Florida Mental Health Counselors Association Conference. Among that group were many central Florida LMHCs who continue to work with the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre in Orlando. Dr Kathie Erwin took that message as confirmation to launch the Tampa Trauma Education Center. 



Following the GCAT training model, the Tampa Trauma Education Center offers the full training for domestic and international deployment. “We are getting the word out by active social media campaigns to reach more than just the academic community. We want to train counselors, counseling students, psychologists, nurses, first responders, clergy, educators and community disaster relief volunteers,” Dr Erwin explained. 


Class Schedule