Innovative Trauma Training


Traumatic incidents occur without warning. Trauma is not respecter of persons as it cuts across socioeconomic lines, genders, religions and cultures. From Hurricane Sandy’s devastation on the eastern seaboard to Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando to countless acts of violence against persons in the U.S. as well as the horrific incidents of armed conflict, crimes against refugees and human trafficking around the world. The need for training to respond to people in these terrible situations is great. The Tampa Trauma Education Center seeks to bring specific, field tested and researched trauma training to meet this need.

Our goal is to train and prepare teams to deploy for domestic and international support. We welcome licensed counselors, counseling students, first responders, physicians, nurses, educators, clergy and community volunteers to these trainings. Our goal is to have several teams trained, prepared and willing to deploy in the U.S. and internationally where psychological first aid is requested from Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.

- Dr. Kathie Erwin, Center Director